Monday, 8 December 2014

What makes Christmas?

Hi everyone so for my post today I am going to be doing the 'What makes Christmas?' TAG. This was created by Becky who blogs over at The Little Blog of Beauty. When I seen her post on this I thought I just had to do it as I haven't really got that many Christmas themed posts for this month so far. I have used the picture from Becky's blog for this post.
All you have to do for this tag is to list 5 things that make Christmas for you.
So here are my 5.

Christmas Markets.
I love walking round the Christmas market in my local town centre just before Christmas. It always make me feels so much more festive. From stalls selling gift ideas, food, drink to trees and decorations there is always something there for everyone.

Who doesn't love a good Christmas dinner? I am not normally a fan of Sunday dinners but Christmas dinner is different in my eyes. Pigs in blankets are my personal favourite and also these cheese wrapped in bacon I love them too! Can't forget the buffet we have on Christmas Day night too.

This is an obvious one. Christmas is all about spending time with family. This year I am with my dad and his family so I will see them all Christmas. Next year I am with my mum and her family. Christmas and family just go together.

I know I live in England and it hardly ever snows at Christmas but we can imagine it, right? I remember one year about 4 years ago it did snow on Christmas day, wasn't much but it still did. Every year I hope for a White Christmas.

Christmas films/ specials.
There is nothing better than cosy on the sofa or in bed with nice hot chocolate watching a Christmas film or tv special. My favourite TV special has to be Gavin and Stacey. I do love to watch Elf too.

What makes Christmas for you
KT xx

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  1. All of those things do :) Family time is the most important thing for me though, and good food, lots of it! :)