Friday, 5 December 2014

50 Facts about me

Hey everyone so for todays post I am going to be doing the 50 facts about me TAG. I have only just realised I haven't yet done a post on me so none of you know anything about me!
Well I am about to change that and give you 50 facts about myself.

1. KT are my initials for my first and middle name.
2. I have blogged before but stopped when some girls from school found out and started giving me bother about it. Meaning now I am a bit nervous of putting a picture of me or including my real name on here.
3. I am 18.
4. I am learning to drive and hope that I will of passed my test by next summer. 
5. I already have the money to buy my first car.
6. I am from the north west of England.
7. I have three tattoo's but had to get my first one redone.
8. I am a Libra.
9. I am not that keen on alcohol.
10. I am work in a shop.
11. I am the worst and saving money.
12. I am the messiest person ever.
13. I am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.
14. I love Disney.
15. I have a serious crush on Peter Andre and have done since he was in Im A Celeb all them many years ago.
16. I love watching youtube videos and hope to one day start my own channel.
17. I hate most vegetables apart from broccoli and cauliflower.
18. I am 5ft 1.
19. I love reading.
20. I love all things pink and glittery.
21. I wish I had stuck in at school to get better grades.
22. I am a qualified level 1 beauty therapist. I went to do level 2 but quit after 2 weeks.
23. My first paid job was in a children's soft play centre.
24. I am right handed.
25. I can bend my feet round backwards.
26. I love Chinese food. 
27. I have only ever tried 1 MAC product.
28. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks but at the moment I am fine and it isn't bothering me which is really good.
29. I have two step sisters.
30. I own 2 dogs and a guinea pig.
31. I have a Sony Xperia phone after getting rid of my iPhone.
32. I love watching Netflix.
33. I support Chelsea and Glasgow Rangers football teams as well as my local team.
34. Keeping with the football when I was 10 I travelled to Cardiff for a football match which is 5 hours there and another 5 hours back! And we lost.
35. I am still unsure on what career path I am wanting to take.
36. I love watching real life  TV programmes such as Benefit Street, 17 kids and counting, 24 hours in a+e.
37. When I get my car I am planning on getting Disney seat covers etc for the inside.
38. I own far too much makeup but always use the same products everyday.
39. I have super short nails so practising my love for nail art is tricky.
40. I am half Yorkshire.
41. 90s and early 2000's music is the best! Cheesy music forever.
42. I am super pale.
43. I have a gym membership, but never really use it.
44. I love gaming, GTA on my PSP is the best.
45. I am a shy person at first until you get to know me.
46. I'm such a chocoholic.
47. I love to bake, even though I rarely do it.
48. I worked in a nursery for 9 months.
49. I love going to theme parks although I hate going on rides.
50. I love shopping.

Well that was hard! Trying to think up 50 facts but I did it!
Hope that you have all got to know me a little bit better now.
Thanks for reading,
KT xx


  1. Aww I loved this! I love getting to know the bloggers I follow better! I'm starting a YT channel in the new year, very excited! You should definitely start one too! Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Thank you. I love reading this type of posts too. Good luck with your YT channel, it is something I will hopefully be looking into soon. xx