Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Skin Care Products.

Hey everyone so in this post I am going to be giving you a quick over view on the skin care products I use on a daily basis. I am going to be doing in depth reviews on each of these products over the next couple of posts so keep your eyes peeled for them. As you can see all of these are Superdrug's own brand, mainly because I love them and they are super cheap.

I start off by removing my eye makeup with Superdrug's own my little star fragrance free baby wipes.
I then move on to the Superdrug tea tree lemon facial wash all over my face to take off my foundation etc.
I then just sweep over my face with the Superdrug Simply Pure refreshing toner over my face.
Every other day I use the Superdrug tea tree exfoliating scrub all over my face to give it a good old clean.
I then go back over with the same toner as before.
To finish off I use the simply pure light moisturiser over my full face.

What do you use to look after your skin?


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